ROBO-Stump Grinder

Our stump grinder attachment turns our 40hp tracked McConnel Robocut into a powerful stump removal tool.

It can tackle stumps on terrain that most other machines cannot reach, it will quickly and efficiently remove entire tree stumps up to 300mm above ground level, down to 300mm below the surface.

Being a tracked machine it is suitable for delicate or sensitive ground, limiting ground damage.

It has has a very low centre of gravity especially when compared to other available stump grinders, meaning it can work on steep terrain.

Technical specification:

  • 12 hard-wearing tungsten carbide teeth
  • Tooth diameter 20.5mm
  • High-performance 2000rpm rotor
  • 370mm cutting wheel diameter (inc teeth)
  • Reinforced steel protective hood cover
  • Protective skirt
  • 100kg weight

Other Extras and Addons Available for Hire



1.3m cutting width with a choice of 44 grass cutting flails or 26 hammer flails make short work of most terrain.


ROBO-Forest Mulcher

A high-performance 1.25m fixed-tooth forestry flailhead attachment for clearing undergrowth.

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