ROBO-Forest Mulcher

A high-performance 1.25m fixed-tooth forestry flailhead that has the power to tackle everything from overgrowth to small trees.

Technical specification:

  • 1.25m cutting width
  • 50 hard-wearing tungsten carbide fixed teeth
  • Hydraulic front hood
  • Reinforced steel push bar
  • 100mm cutting capacity
  • 3000 rpm rotor speed
  • +/- 14 degree head angling and floatation
  • 355kg weight

Other Extras and Addons Available for Hire



1.3m cutting width with a choice of 44 grass cutting flails or 26 hammer flails make short work of most terrain.


ROBO-Stump Grinder

12 hard-wearing tungsten carbide teeth can cut stumps up to 300mm above ground level.

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