Remote Controlled
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ROBOCUT - Clearance from a Safe Distance

Versatile and efficient, it is capable of tackling slopes of up to 55 degrees.

ROBOCUT has a working range of 150m and is up to 25 times more productive than manual cutting making it ideal for site clearance.

The ROBOCUT opens up many sites to machine usage where before the only option would have been manpower.

It thrives in the toughest terrain and ensures safe, productive working without risk to life and limb.

Powered by a fuel-efficient 40hp Isuzu diesel engine, the machine can work for hours on a single tank of fuel and thrives in the toughest terrain.

Customer Uses:

  • Woodland and forestry management
  • Roadway, motorway and railway embankments
  • Parks, footpaths and sports facilities
  • Riverbanks and reservoirs
  • Airports, military bases and other hazardous areas

Extras and Addons Available for Hire



1.3m cutting width with a choice of 44 grass cutting flails or 26 hammer flails make short work of most terrain.


ROBO-Stump Grinder

12 hard-wearing tungsten carbide teeth can cut stumps up to 300mm above ground level.


ROBO-Forest Mulcher

A high-performance 1.25m fixed-tooth forestry flailhead attachment for clearing undergrowth.

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